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 Inspired by biomimicry, ‘RainKeeps’ are sculptures that harvest rainwater for urban farming and landscape use.  The RainKeep acts as a 'Place Maker', much like a village's public well creates a gathering place. Rainkeep collects rainwater and dew throughout the summer. The patented RainKeep uses an upper canopy with leaf shapes and rain chains that direct water into a vessel with a holding capacity for 150-1,500 gallons of rainwater.

Residential RainKeep that ties into existing roof  gutter system

Stores 150 gallons of rain water and uses handmade aluminum rain chain with 'Elements' leaf designs  Water, Air, Earth, Fire

*NEW  "The  Elements"  Water, Fire, Earth, Air.     Rain chains  that are handmade Repousse aluminum leaf designs! Made in collaboration with the artisans of the Silver Temple district in Chiangmai 

Rain-chains that tell a story.     

collaborating with Native American Artist Deborah Spears Moorehead with new rain -chain designs that tell  the Wampanoag 'Origins' story 'Sky Woman.

New RainKeep in Providence

Three Sisters


Stay tuned

Drawings by Native American , Deborah Spears Moorehead.  'Origins Story'.  New rain chain design for the City of Providence.

President of RainKeep, Allison Newsome, with Native American Deborah Spears Moorehead , creator of amazing drawings that tell the Wampanoag 'Origins Story'.  The drawings will be made into repousse aluminum imagery incorporated into the rain chains for a new RainKeep commissioned by the city of Providence RI.  'Bee Violet'.

Bioneer Conference 2019

'Pearl', San Rafael Ca. Sponsored by Global Athena Advisors at the 2019 Bioneer Conference.  Collaboration with the lab of Anne Meyers Rochester, University, with their ground breaking man made nacre ' Mother of Pearl' a future organically grown protective covering for metals to replace toxic two part epoxy paints.


2020.01.01_AllisonNewsome_Bee Violet_Emp

'Bee Violet'

RainKeep commission June 2020 City of Providence RI

Visitors will be invited to use rainwater from The rainKeep 'Bee Violet' to water a traditional Native American  'Three Sisters Garden', a  method of inter-planting squash beans and corn. 'Bee Violet' derives its name derives from how bees use  ultraviolet light to navigate while flying on an overcast day. They can see  see unique patterns on flowers using  ultra violet light.

RainKeep at the Boston  Rose Kennedy Greenway 2019.  Everyone enjoying using       "Big Blue"

to water the Three Sisters traditional Native American inter-planting with squash corn and beans.

Big Blue

Triple collector RainKeep with seating

Seating provides shade from sun and protection from rain. Holds 2-3,000 gallons of rain water for urban farming  use

"Big Blue" RainKeep

RainKeep  'Whorl' Bristol RI


August 15-18 featured at Boston GreenFest Tech Expo in 'Smart City Pavilion', Boston Greenway ,https://www.bostongreenfest.org/see-the-innovators  


Inspired by the redwood trees of her native California whose upper canopies catch coastal fog and direct it downwards to maintain under-canopy ecosystems,  Allison now has a  utility and design patent for  RainKeep.  The Nature Conservancy  sponsored a RainKeep to be installed in the Chelsea, MA community garden working with GreenRoots as well as at the town entrance of Bristol RI  in Thomas Park, and most recently at Time Space Existence, a collateral exhibition of the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture hosted by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy.  

Newsome received an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and teaches with   Harvard University OFA.  Her work has been featured at the Boston MFA,  RISD Museum, Mobile Museum of Art, Beatrice Wood Museum, Fuller Craft Museum, Newport Art Museum and Federal Museum Ben Franklin Biblioteca in Mexico City.  At Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, Allison was an artist-in-residence for the Della Robbia exhibition https://www.mfa.org/programs/gallery-activities-and-tours/artist-talk-on-della-robbia-with-allison-newsome 

LEED WE 1.1 WE1.2 : A greener way to urban agriculture and landscape water use. How RainKeep, a  passive rain harvesting system, contributes to LEED. Not only does our rain harvesting sculpture create a  "Place Maker" and contribute to the beauty and functionality of a space, it also contributes to LEED certification. As one component among a list of  LEED certification requirements, RainKeep  is a patented utility that adds to project eligibility for several LEED credits including, LEED  WE 1.1- water efficient landscaping reduce by 50% and  LEED WE 1.2  - no potable use or irrigation.  Other credits include  recycled content, zero emitting materials and innovation in design. Developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED Rating System is the definitive standard for green building, providing guidelines for designing and building environmentally responsible structures. And while no single product can be considered LEED certified, our RainKeep utility  is additive to the pursuit of LEED certification for your project.

Where utility and sculpture come together 'Vera da Pozzo' Venice , Italy, Giardini Marinaressa  

Rain Harvesting Sculpture

The Elements

New rain chain designs inspired by rubber tree leaves, made into repousse aluminum 'The Elements / Water, Wind, Fire ,Earth', launched at Newport Garden Show June 2020

RainKeep / rain harvesting utility sculpture with 500-1,500 gallon capacity  for urban farming and landscape use

IMG_3077 copy 2.jpg
03 jpg IMG_3345 copy.jpg
24 jpg _Detail rain harvesting sculpture

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Testimonial for RainKeep

Bristol Garden Club

The Bristol Garden Club was delighted by the innovative and attractive functional sculpture created for us by Allison Newsome. Allison was wonderful to work with. She was always positive and enthusiastic, extremely conscientious, and very flexible.

Our project, dubbed the Rainkeep, solves an ongoing problem of supplying sufficient water for one of the town’s public gardens which the garden club maintains. The sculpture is impressively effective in collecting rain, strong and durable, and very easy to use and maintain. At the same time, the Rainkeep fascinates and enchants viewers. We have found that visitors are enticed into the garden to experience and enjoy the sculpture at close range. Once there, nearby signage educates them about the history of the site and its story of environmental resiliency. The creation and operation of the Rainkeep is described as well as its role in conserving water.

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Detail rain harvesting sculpture Vera da



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