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75 Gallon

Residential RainKeep:

75 Gallon  & 120 Gallon options available

Production Specifications

  • Holds up to 75 -120 gallons of non-potable rainwater

  • Accordion-shaped tank 3’ w x 5’ h

  • Recycled aluminum tank

  • 2 hose attachments

  • 1 hose included (10")

  • Leaf and mosquito guard screen

  • Naturally weathers

  • Lightweight (90-110 lbs without water)

  • Rust-free and durable

  • Easy installation

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120 Gallon

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Rain Chain

Rain Chains

RainKeeps come with the uniquely crafted “Elements Rain Chain” accessory made in repousse style.


Each beautiful leaf represents Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Enjoy the soothing sounds as rainwater cascades into the tank.

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Flower Mandala

Tank Personalization

Custom designed add-ons to decorate your RainKeep tank are available upon request.

Traditionally, this word describes metalwork hammered or punched into relief from the reverse side. It’s a method of decorating metals with ornamental patterns. 


Allison Newsome traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2020 to learn first-hand the process of handmade metal decoration from the skilled, trained craftspeople who create this centuries-old, refined ornamental art. This region is famous world-wide for its exquisite metal carving and embossing. The repousse works were then considered a status symbol and are considered national treasures today.

What is repousse?

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