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08 jpg Whorl _RainKeep detail water spig

LEED WE 1.1- WE 1.2

A greener way to urban agriculture and landscape water use. How RainKeep, a  passive rain harvesting system, contributes to LEED. Not only does our rain harvesting sculpture create a  "Place Maker" and contribute to the beauty and functionality of a space, it also contributes to LEED certification.


As one component among a list of  LEED certification requirements, RainKeep  is a patented utility that adds to project eligibility for several LEED credits including, LEED  WE 1.1- water efficient landscaping reduce by 50% and  LEED WE 1.2  - no potable use or irrigation. 


Other credits include  recycled content, zero emitting materials and innovation in design. Developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED Rating System is the definitive standard for green building, providing guidelines for designing and building environmentally responsible structures. And while no single product can be considered LEED certified, our RainKeep utility  is additive to the pursuit of LEED certification for your project.

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