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Introducing RainKeep 

a rainwater harvesting sculpture by artist Allison Newsome

Placed in public spaces such as community gardens and town squares, these standalone RainKeeps each feature a large recycled aluminum tank that can harvest up to 3,000 gallons of rainwater. The RainKeep acts as a “place maker,” much like how a village’s public well creates a gathering place. Visitors are enchanted by its beauty and story of environmental resilience.

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Inspired by LEED-based solutions for the Earth's ecosystem, RainKeep catches and directs water naturally into its tank via a petal-like metal canopy.


Inspired Innovation

RainKeeps are available upon request in various metal material choices,

custom tank and rain chain designs

to best accommodate the work site.

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Rain Chains

Hand crafted Rain Chain accessories

made out of recycled aluminum

used to direct rain water into

a tank are available upon request.

Latest RainKeep News

Featured Projects & Installations

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