Introducing RainKeep 

a rainwater harvesting sculpture by artist Allison Newsome

The sustainable, beautiful alternative to plastic and agricultural-style rain barrels, RainKeep is a garden sculpture that harvests non-potable rainwater and dew for urban farming and landscape use. Environmentally conscious gardeners use RainKeep to cut down on their water consumption, save money, and reduce stormwater runoff and soil erosion.


All RainKeeps are handcrafted in the USA (Warren, R.I.) using lightweight, rust-free and durable recycled aluminum.

  • Conserve Water

    Conserve water, reduce stormwater runoff, prevent soil erosion, and save money on your water bill by harvesting rainfall for home, garden and landscape use.

  • Inspired Innovation

    Inspired by the organic design of California redwood trees, RainKeep catches and directs water naturally into its tank via uniquely crafted rain chains.

  • Easy Set-Up

    Attaches seamlessly to a gutter system or roof corner for easy installation. RainKeeps come with a built-in base and can be placed on any stable ground or surface.

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