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Finalist for a National Search for Art in San Antonio TX

Allison Newsome and re-a.d are delighted to propose a site specific installation for the city

of San Antonio and aim at weaving local culture with a new instance of celebrating water, discuss the issue of pollution, of passive filtration and how these topics, articulated in an art form makes people feel and interact.

WaterRun catches the runoffs from designated outflows coming from the overpass, filters it through a Contech device and let it run over the course of three plateaus providing mineral, bio-filtration and water storage as an education and artistic spectacle.

Shining on the top of the pavilion is the eye-catching flower sculpture by Allison Newsome, also functioning as a rainwater harvesting utility. Also feeding the same water storage tank as the passive filtration plateaus, Allison’s RainKeep flower catches the rain hitting on the upper canopy, letting the water drops travel down by the chains and also collects the water hitting onto the beautiful petals.


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