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Residential RainKeep: 120 Gallons

Residential RainKeep: 120 Gallons

  • Holds up to 120 gallons of non-potable rainwater

  • Accordion-shaped tank 3’ w x 5’ h

  • Recycled aluminum tank

  • RainChain (10')

  • 2 hose attachments

  • 1 hose included (10")

  • Leaf and mosquito guard screen

  • Naturally weathers

  • Lightweight (110-115 pounds without water)

  • Rust-free and durable

  • Easy installation

  • Residential RainKeep: 120 Gallons

    Inspired by biomimicry, RainKeep is a garden sculpture that harvests rainwater and dew for urban farming and landscaope use. Environmentally conscious gardeners use RainKeep to cut down on their water consumption, save money, and reduce stormwater runnoff and soil erosion.


    In-person delivery option available within 200 miles of Warren, RI  USA. Shipping weight and rate is estimated based on FedEx Freight for US/Domestic zones. We reserve the right to charge additional fees for shipping and delivery based on location specifications. Final rate will be confirmed by email prior to delivery/shipping. 


    Prior to installation of RainKeep, the ground where RainKeep is to be placed must be cleared and leveled. Follow landscape, code and dig safe recommendations to be sure ground or surface can handle weight (RainKeep 75 gal. approx 625, 120 gal. approx 1,000). Consultation and recommendation for site preparation available upon request.

Color: Grey
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